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“Hey, you should talk to my photographer friend!”

Specializing in portraits that capture the real you.

Forget the awkward photographer/client relationship.
Forget unnatural photos, strange poses, and fake smiles.
Forget the photography studio, silly props, and terrible backdrops.

I’m here to capture you in your element in as natural a way as possible — as a friend who just happens to be pretty good with a camera, not a photographer.

I will meet you at locations of your choosing to capture you doing things you enjoy in places you like.

Want some photos at the beach, the pool, or while hiking your favorite trail? No problem!

As your photographer friend, I’m happy to accompany you on your adventures or participate in activities with you in order to capture the true you.

From fun runs and meetups — to surfing lessons and fitness boot camps — to hiking your favorite trail or relaxing at your favorite restaurant, wine bar, or brewery — I’m here to help you get the best photos in as natural and as comfortable a way as possible.

Plus, My Photographer Friend’s rates are designed to be affordable. 

Shoots start at $Pay what you want.
All-day shoots start at $Pay what you can.

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