The Photographer

My name is Zero Dean (yes, that’s my real name).

I’ve been shooting professionally since 2004 — although I have periodically taken years-long breaks to make art for award-winning video games (like Rise of Nations at Big Huge Games and Red Dead Redemption at Rockstar Games) as well as to focus exclusively on writing a 3-book personal development series (still working on it).

Why I founded My Photographer Friend… 

(MPF was founded on June 15, 2018. This site and business is in the process of being built from scratch to incorporate my new goals and the experiences I want to both have and provide to people.)

Working with people to capture the best pictures possible is one of my favorite things. And while I have extensive experience shooting portraits for models, actors and entertainers, I wanted to find new ways to get great photos. And this meant coming at things from a different angle.

I also wanted to make my business fit my lifestyle and try to incorporate the things that interest me into my work life.

As it currently stands, My Photographer Friend is a sort of hybrid between portrait and event photography. Although that, too, may change as my business model evolves.

In the end, it simply comes down to finding ways to provide people with a positive experience and results they love while also incorporating the things I love into my work life.

When I’m not working with people…

I also love traveling to capture landscape and nature photography…

Watch it on Vimeo.

What else can I tell you?

Well, I’m also a health and fitness enthusiast, a lover of food, cool tech, adventures, and trying and learning new things.

I also love teaching as well as helping people in any way my skills, talents, and resources allow.