Picture this…

I shoot photos (and videos) you never knew you wanted.

Feel famous for a day

Get the celebrity experience. I will be your personal paparazzi for a day. Even better, with a little design work, we can land you (and your friends) on the cover (or the inner pages) of a magazine and provide you with a print worth framing.

Family fun without the hassle

Think about how cool it would be to take your family on a fun outing and having all the fun memories documented without ever having to worry about who is going to take the photos. Wherever you decide to go, I will capture your family members enjoying themselves individually and as a group.

Group Meetups

Do you run or are you a member of a social activities group? I will capture your group interacting naturally and provide photos you can use for any purpose.

Document your life

Do you have something going on in your life that you would like to have documented in a fun and natural way? Forget about taking selfies of your fitness progress in front of the bathroom mirror. I will capture you doing whatever it is you want to capture. Or do you simply have something going on that you think would be an experience worth sharing with others? Whether it’s for your blog, your family, or social media, I will help you capture the progress you want and tell the stories you want to share in a fun and engaging way.

Weddings aren’t the only thing worth documenting…

I will help you capture your friend and family gatherings, whatever the reason.

Pet photography

Yes, I will even work with you and your furry (or not so furry) friend to capture experiences worth remembering.

Portraits for any purpose

  • Your blog
  • Your business
  • Social media
  • Online dating photos
  • Your mom
  • Holiday and Christmas cards
  • A calendar for your significant other
  • Engagement photos
  • Document your skills (skating, swimming, running, biking, surfing, horseback riding…)

And most importantly…
for fun.