Tell me about your project or what your specific needs are and I will be happy to work with you to make it happen.

For a Limited Time:

It’s simple.

Pay what you want / Pay what you can.

What does that mean?

Exactly what it sounds like.

  1. Contact me to schedule a shoot.
  2. We will discuss your needs and determine the estimated amount of time necessary to get you the shots you want.
  3. We will schedule a photo shoot.
  4. We will shoot together.
  5. If you have a great shoot and are feeling generous, you are welcome to tip me for my services, but I will not request any payment.
  6. After our shoot, I will provide you with your proofs (within 3 days unless specified).
  7. I will then provide retouching for 1 out of every 200 photos we take and provide you with the full-sized retouched image

If you are happy with the services I provide you, you can then pay me what you want (or what you can) based on what you feel they are worth or what you can currently afford.

Post-processing service (optional):

I offer professional color correction, post-processing, and  “touch-ups” — from subtle to extreme — for:

  • First photo for $10
  • Photos 2-5: $25 each
  • 6-10 photos: $20 each
  • Need more than 10? Contact me to discuss a bulk discount

Also note that a select number of post-processed images can be negotiated into any customized photo shoot package.