The difference is in the details…

What makes My Photographer Friend different?

My business is built around a framework of friendship, authenticity, integrity, trust, and positive energy.

I believe that the best way to capture portraits that genuinely reflect the essence of a person is to truly connect with the people you work with.

1. An emphasis on authenticity.

Portraits are always more natural looking when you’re feeling comfortable, doing something you enjoy and having a good time.

My goal is to make capturing authentic photos of you as pleasant as possible by working with you as your friend, not your photographer.

Are we going to be BFFs? Maybe! Maybe not. But being someone who supports, encourages, and works with you to achieve your goals is easy because making a positive difference and helping people is why I’m here.

I genuinely want you to be happy — as well as to succeed in whatever it is you want photos for. So if I can leverage my skills and talents to help you do that, I’m excited to do it!

2. Less emphasis on tools and more emphasis on results

Sometimes less is more.

Not everyone needs a photo big enough for a billboard

And sometimes you just want an excellent looking photo that doesn’t look like anything you might get from “a photo shoot”.

In order to get the results you want, we will work together to choose the best tools, timing, and locations needed to achieve your goals.

I will take pictures using whatever camera types (mobile phone, point & shoot, or DSLR) that will yield the types of photos you want — including your own equipment if desired.

Of course, if you want a highly professional looking headshot that gets you noticed, a portrait suitable for framing, or seek to build a modeling portfolio that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine, I have extensive experience providing portraits that will meet your needs.

3. What can you use the photos for?

Anything you want.

  • Send them to your mom.
  • Share them on social media.
  • Use them in your online dating profile.
  • Put them on your business card or real-estate poster.
  • Publish them on your blog.
  • Make a calendar for your significant other
  • Or simply add them to your photo album.

They’re your photos.

4. What photos do you get to keep?

You get to keep all of your photos. With no watermarks.

All of your photos are delivered to you at 5 megapixels resolution in a moderately compressed JPG format with no watermarks. This allows for quick web delivery while also providing a size more than adequate for printing photos at up to 8″ x 10″ or larger.

In the event you would like any photos color corrected or “touched-up” — from subtle to extreme — I will be happy to provide this service to you for not only a fair fee, the more photos you want to have touched up, the bigger the discount you get. These final images are provided at their original size in an uncompressed format for maximum quality.

5. Super fast turnaround time

My goal is to provide you with online access to your images within 72 hours of our shoot. However, photos are often provided as early as the day after our shoot.

6. Services provided are negotiable and customized to you.

Do you have specific needs or a specific budget? No problem.

Every aspect of a shoot is negotiable and can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Flexible budgets
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Flexible locations

Do you want to shoot at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and also get shots on the beach at sunset on Sunday afternoon? We can do that. Do you want to meet in San Diego on one day and then meet in Orange County on another? No problem.

7. Yes, I will come to you.

I provide services throughout Southern California. I am typically based out of north county San Diego. However, I do spend time in Los Angeles. Depending on how far I have to travel to work with you, I charge a minimal fee for travel (ranging from .10 cents per mile to .50 cents per mile) that varies depending on the time, location, and distance covered. This fee is only intended to offset the expense of travel and is not for profit.

8. Sometimes shit happens, but your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Although shoots are non-refundable, reshoots are *free.

In the rare instance that you’re not pleased with the photos captured during our time together, your satisfaction is my priority and I will be happy to get together with you again to give it another go at *no extra charge.

*Fine print: Please note that in some cases a minimal fee for travel will be required to cover travel expenses. Please also note this is not a loophole to get free shoots. I respectfully reserve the right to revoke follow-up shoots if the request does not appear to be honest or on the up-and-up. But like I’ve said elsewhere, I want you to be happy. If you can’t afford the rates I charge, but still want to work together, let’s talk about it.

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